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instrukcja obsługi lenovo podręcznik użytkownika lenovo instrukcje obsługi diplodocs 5 600 marek 1 870 000 instrukcji co chcesz zrobić? pomóż znaleĽć nam najbardziej poszukiwane instrukcje dodaj twoj± instrukcję szukaj instrukcji zarejestruj się zalo50e r51 r52 r60 r60e r61 r61e r61i s10 s10e sk 8812 sk 8815 sk8812 sk8815 sl 500 sl400 sl500 t 41 t 61 t30 t40 t400 t41 t42 t43 t500 t60 t61 t61p think pad thinkcentre thinkpad thinkpad r500 thinkpad r52 thinkpad r60 thinkpad r61 thinkpad r61i thinkp
384 fru pn 02r4084 fru pn 49p1599 fru pn 49p1605 fru pn 73p0595 fru49p4384 frupn49p1599 g40 infoprint 1412 lbl pn 32p2992 lenovo t61 lotus notes m42 m50 m51g motherboard netvista netvista 8303 netvista 8305 netvista m42 p48p6603 p6 p6 2001 pn 02r408450e r51 r51e r52 r60 r61 rev 1.2 rev 1.5 rev 1.6 rev1.5 rev:1.5 rev:1.6 t 40 t 42 t20 t21 t22 t23 t30 t40 t40p t41 t42 t42p t43 t60 t61 think centre think pad think pad 600e thinkcentre thinkpad thinkpad 2647 thinkpad 380ed thinkpad 600 thinkpad 600e
port if you want to have both an external mouse and keyboard you ll need a y cable search for part no. p/n 54g0441 on the lenovo support site to connect both simultaneously. note: the following thinkpad systems don t have ps/2 ports if you need to inbe a usb plug type: a30/p a31/p r30 r31 r32 r40 r40e r50 r50e r50p r51 r51e r52 r60 r60e r61 t30 t40 t40p t41 t41p t42 t42p t43 t43p t60 t60p t61 x20 x21 x22 x23 x24 x30 x31 x32 x40 x41 x41 tablet x60 x60s x60 tablet x61 x61s x61 tablet z60m z60t z61
d choose cdrom the computer will boot just fine to windows xp and works fine from that point on. i loaded a new bios from lenovo hoping this would help but the problem persists. your answer go to the bios setup menu and make sure the hard drive is th0e r51e r52 ibm thinkpad r60 r60e ibm thinkpad t20 t21 t22 t23 ibm thinkpad t30 ibm thinkpad t40/p t41/p t42/p ibm thinkpad t43 ibm thinkpad t43/p ibm thinkpad t60 t60p ibm thinkpad x20 x21 x22 x23 x24 ibm thinkpad x30 x31 x32 ibm thinkpad x40 ibm th
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